What We Do

Data, information and knowledge are closely related terms, but each has its own role in relation to the other. Data is collected and analyzed to create information suitable for making decisions.

Web Design and hosting

We design web sites to meet customer requirement. We design and host sites for Businesses, Service sector, charities, Small organisations etc. No business is small at ES Tech Consulting.

Network, Security and Voice and Consultancies

We install call manager (CUCM) for single site with centralised call processing and multi-site with distributed call processing.
We configure voice gateways for H323, MGCP and SIP. We deploy Cisco Unity Connection for voice mail.
Wireless Networks: - We deploy wireless controllers, Access Point and we advise on wireless surveys.
Network consultancies: - We advise on WAN, LAN and on all Cisco Hardware.
Network support and troubleshooting: - We configure Cisco routers and switches. We install data cabling including termination, testing and troubleshooting.

IT Support and Traning

We provide IT support anywhere in the world where there is Internet connectivity. We provide IT training for end users on Cyber security. Security is one of the greatest manace facing the governments and companies around the world and how to secure the devices connected to the Cyber spsce or the World Wide Web (WWW). Our Training entails the following:
  • Avoid phishing and ransomware scams.
  • Check for hooks
  • Get away
  • Whaling
  • Protect and share data securely (USB memory sticks)


ES consulting was formed in 2013 to venture into the niche market for those companies who cannot afford the services of dedicated IT professional employed on full time basis.Companies choose ES consulting due to our flexibility, we make the best use of tools like the TeamViewer to access our customer's infrastructure 24 hours a day.

Here at ES consulting, we have the believe that, the 21st century IT company’s success will not be measured by the amount of incident resolved only, but how many of those incidents are resolved within the SLA (Service level agreement).

Our Company and Cyber security

Cyber security involves protecting information and systems in networks connected to the internet.

What is it?

Cyber security involves protecting information and systems in networks connected to the internet.

What our company does about Cyber Security

We have to protect the identities, privacy and data of our customers and partners from cyber hackers to ensure they cannott be misused, lost or stolen, and that systems and networks are not disrupted. Evidence shows that as well as technical vulnerabilities, ‘people’ can also present real security risks – deliberately or unintentionally - just through lack of awareness and training in good security practice both at home and at work. Our training modules ensuring everyone knows the basics, the sort of security risks, the possible consequences of a Cyber-attack. The Training entails the following.
  • Avoid Phishing & Ransomware Scams.
  • Check for hooks.
  • Get away.
  • Whaling.
  • Ransomware
  • Protect and share data securely? (USB memory sticks)



Web Design, Hosting and Domain Registration

We design and host website on both Windows and Linux Servers. We provide SSL and 24X7 support and Spam filtering. We provide hosting for all types of web sites.

super clean code

Clean code is a best practice approach to programming that follows software engineering Metrics and methologies. This makes the code maintainable for future upgrades. Why should you care? When the original developer is not available some other developer can continue with developement because the code is easy to - understand the execution flow of the entire application, how the different objects collaborate with each other, the role and responsibility of each class, what each method does, what is the purpose of each expression and variable.

Responsive web design

An approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience.

dedicated support team

Our dedicated support centers can provide support remotely to all our customers all over the world 24/7. The teams are available through our support chat systems and phone.


We provide trainings in different spheres in Information Technology, it is tailored to meet customer need



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